Robot navigation using attractor dynamics approach

This project demonstrates that the dynamic system approach can be used to generate collision-free paths toward targets while avoiding moving obstacles even if low-level sensory information (proximity sensors in this case) is used instead of representations of the environment. For more information see (Althaus et al., 2001) or (Bicho et al., 1998).

Dynamical obstacles avoidance and targets acquisition

The dynamics generate a heading direction for a mobile robot that is moving successively but in a random order toward three predefined targets while avoiding randomly moving obstacles

Video of the simulation:

Software tools:

  • Matlab (R2015a)
  • V-REP PRO EDU version 3.5.0

Simulation robot:

Run simulation:

  1. Download project from VREPSimEPuck
  2. Start the V-REP simulator and open the simulation scene (epuck-dyn-obs-tar.ttt) provided in /src-vrep
  3. Start Matlab and change to simulation files folder or add its path
  4. Start simulation in Matlab with:
>> moveEpuck

runs the simulation without plotting the dynamics of the heading direction

>> moveEpuck(1)

runs the simulation and plots the dynamics of the heading direction

      5. If necessary, change the parameters of the dynamics and re-run the simulation


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